Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Giveaway: Owl Flannel Shirt Dress (extended until Dec 31 PST)

In the Spirit of Giveaways....I will be giving away something too.....

I was not able to make the Sew Mama Sew deadline but I will be sure to be on next year.

But for now, I present to you:

This is a pillowcase style shirt with a coordinating tie.  It is 100% cotton with serged seams for extra stability.

In order to win this dress, please leave a comment telling me about your favorite animal and your favorite winter fabric.  That's it!  You're in to win =)

Not required but for up to 9 additional entries, please do one or more of the the following (1 additional thing is 1 additional entry) and come back to post letting me know that you have done it.  1 post for each thing done.  Almost all the links are to the right column of my blog for your convenience.

* Subscribe to my blog via RSS feed
*Friend me on Facebook, Couturière Jennylou
*If you sew and are in San Diego or not, "Like" our San Diego sewing group page
*Follow me on Twitter @sewclueless
*Tweet about this give away, include @sewclueless in tweet
*Facebook about this giveaway
*Blog about this giveaway and send me the link to the blog post
*Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect
*If you scrapbook, "Like" the Cricut San Diego at 

That's 10 entries or possibilities in being the winner for this dress.
I will be choosing winner on the 19 11PST and ship out on the 20th 2-3 days Priority.

Winner will be chosen randomly, so the more you do, the higher the chance.  I will verify winning post and contact directly, so please leave a means of contact.

Thank You!!!

Make sure to check back next month for the January giveaway!

Sew Mama Sew Giveaways!

Going on until December 17.  There are hundreds of participants and it would be days before i get through all of them, if I tried.  I have only entered 5 giveaways so far, only entering for things I would really want. The last one by Hanamik.  She makes keychains that are so cute. 

You can check her page out here:

There are so many people entering to win and i probably won't even win anything, so i am just enjoying the process of meeting other artists and looking at beautiful things.

I also found that there are quite a bit of people out there who openly love Jesus.  That's pretty awesome.... I do too!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One on One Sewing Courses in North County

I am now offering sewing courses in the North County San Diego.

4-week sessions
10:30 am - 1:30pm
12 hours of instruction

Sewing also available in 8-week, 12-week and 16-week instruction

Other classes (one-time and series) available:

Gourmet Cooking
Healthy/Whole/Raw Foods 
Home Organization
Home Management
Personal and Image Development
Not-So-Desperate Housewife

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Sew News Magazine for a friend, 2 for 1, BOGO

Been thinking for awhile of getting this magazine.  I just took advantage of the Martha Stewart 3-for-1 subscription the other night.  Hmmm...should I get another magazine? This is such a sweet deal.  A picture of giving to yourself and to others ;)

I have seen this magazine at Bookstar in La Jolla and it is my favorite one of all the sewing magazines I have seen thus far in my life, especially for beginners. 

Just spent $300 last night on plane tickets.... hmmm.... I gotta look for some $ and coins scattered around my place.  If I find enough, I will  subscribe... and I do have a sewing friend in mind....  do you?  Below is the info on the deal... good til January 18, 2011

Need a gift idea for a sewing buddy? Or maybe you know someone who’s learning to sew and could use extra help and inspiration? You’re in luck! Just in time for the holidays, we’re offering this exclusive two-for-one subscription deal on Sew News. Until Jan. 18, you can subscribe or renew your subscription at a special low rate, and give a one year subscription to a friend absolutely free! To top it off, you and your friend will also both receive a free sewing gift. What a great way to give the gift of sewing all year long! To take advantage of this super deal, simply click below:


Bobbins for my Brother

Finally getting bobbins.  You can somewhat gage how much one is able to sew with how many bobbins they've got. Well... maybe... or maybe not.  But in my case, I have been sewing so little that for the past year, I have been able to make it with 1 bobbin.  But this year coming, i am going to sew 10x more so that calls for 10 bobbins.  Makes sense, right? =)  Just wanted to share with you a site that has them for sale at the right price.  It also helps that the website's name is oh so cute.  Maybe just a little?  Here you go:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Brother® LB-6800THRD is the same as Brother® LB-6770PRW

...unless I am just overlooking something.  No matter how hard I look, I see the specs are the exact same thing and the only difference is the name.

Check out the 6700 here from the Brother website:

The most thorough coverage of the 6770, i found here:

Costco's 6800 is here:

And how am I so sure?  Because I just went through this blog and in October 2009, I was eyeing this machine and sure enough 6770 was #.  See the original post here:

So yes, a little over a year ago, I bought this machine from Costco... everything is the same except the title.  The picture of on Costco's website still has not changed in since I bought it. Why are they doing this?  It has to be the marketing.  You don't want a machine that seems to be just sitting at a Costco Warehouse for a year right?  Possibly.  So just change the # of the machine.  And like last year's deal, it comes with the 12 pack embroidery threads.

The only thing different this year, other than the model #, on the Costco's site is the ability to rate it.  I have been wanting to give my machine 5 stars for the last year but the option was not available.  But because it isn't a 6800, I won't do it now.  It doesn't need another 5 star review anyway... it's practically perfect at 24 reviews already.

I say, if you want a sewing machine, go with this one.  And Costco is like a Nordstrom's; something happens, take it back for the full purchase price.  That gives me peace of mind if the machine croaks like my first sewing machine did (also from Costco) and was refunded cash and I spent it towards this one.  Money well spent!