Teach me to sew!

Do you look at clothes and say “blah!”?

Do you see things on the rack and say, “I want to make that, but better!”

Do you say, “It’s alright... only if I could....it would be perfect!”

Are you ready to express your individuality?

Ready to stand out from the crowd rather than blend into everybody else?

Ready to be yourself?

Well, soon you can because you’re on your way to NOT be Sew Clueless!

Hi there, my name is Jennylou and welcome to sewing courses for the Sew Clueless =) Enjoy a sewing session with me, utilizing your natural creativity and knack for all things creative. I am a Couturière (pronounced cor-tu-yeh and French for ‘seamstress’) and I would love to be your personal sewing guru.

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SewClueless, was created and born out of frustration to Jennylou’s personal style and wallet ever since she could remember. The search for clothes that fit a size 0 body and the constantly empty wallet was a sad story every time she walked the tiled floors of the malls. A decade later, she came across sewing classes at the local colleges and she decided to take them. She was hooked! She started thinking that the whole world should sew and she was going to make it her mission.

You don’t have to wait until you are old enough to enroll in a sewing class. You don’t have to wait until you purchase a sewing machine. You don’t have to be on a long waiting list hoping to get into a crowded sewing class. You don’t have to be lost in the sea of learners as one teacher attends to 30+ students at a time. You don't have to commit more than you are willing to. Most importantly, you don’t have to make anything you have no interest making, using, or wearing like she had to do in her college-level sewing classes.

With Jennylou, you are the student, you can be 8 years old or 80, you have equal say in your learning and projects, you have a machine provided if you don't have one already, you are taught one on one, and each sewing technique is learned in line of your goals and style. With undivided attention, you will always leave sewing sessions with new found knowledge and a project you will be proud of.

Let's start up your sewing debut. You won’t regret it!

Before you know it, your clothes, your items and everything else will be “sew” you!

Patterns and sewing book for projects are TBD, as this will be the choice of student but recommend easy patterns and books for sewing beginners. Jennylou personally owns several books on hand in this category. You can view what is available at http://Sewclueless.com (left side column). To ensure quality in the techniques taught, I will be using ‘Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers’ as the primary guide in my teachings, just as Palomar College uses this text for their Apparel Construction I and II.

*Each session will focus on a particular sewing technique or skill

*Project of the day would demonstrate the new technique in order to build a valuable reference guide for use years beyond sewing sessions

*Every session will include at least one of the following; a handout/notes of the day’s topic, a started/completed project, a completed sewing technique for Sample Book

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

- Dan Miller

“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.

-Sir Ken Robinson

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

—John Maeda

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Pricing for Personal Private Lessons:

One on one: Varies in the desired number of hours or sessions desired. Range is $35-25/hr based on a 1 time, 4 weeks all the way to 16 weeks. Also available for a per-project basis. Please inquire with your personal goals and vision for sewing to get a more accurate rate.

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Got friends who want to sew too? Let’s get a class together!!

You + 1 friend: Save 10% from the one-on-one rate @ $216 per person

You + 2 friends: Save almost 20% off @ $200 per person

You + 3 friends @ $160 per person - That’s a savings of 30% just by getting a group of friends together! Yay!

Pricing above is based on 4 sessions at 2 hours per week of private/one on one lessons. Sewing room is equipped with main supplies and select fabrics included in the price. You are welcome to use my books, patterns and magazines for inspiration.

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Beginner Sewing Sessions - Lock in a 4-session (or longer) by January 18, 2010 and receive a subscription to the Sew News Magazine ( http://www.sewnews.com/blogs/sewing/2009/11/25/sew-it-all/ )

Twitter: @sewclueless

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Blog: http://sewclueless.com

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