Introducing Zoe! Welcome home, baby =)

She came in today and I am just in awe =) I have been thinking long and hard (half a day) for a name and have decided to name her Zoe 4166. Yes, it is close to my daughter's name, Chloe, but it just seems so fitting. It's a new model/machine and Suzy, though cute, just wasn't "it." Zoe also is Greek for "Life." Sewing was once a part of my life and with a little inspiration from Dan Miller and a nudging from the hubby, I have stepped back into a "life" that once before made me so happy then and is sure to make me happy for the days to come. And also, Zoe is so fitting because the hubby says I can't have a daughter named Zoe =(

So here she is, the baby of the family: