Cherry Fabric and Joann Shopping Day

What a timely month and sale it is at Jo-Anne fabric and craft stores. March is National Craft Month and what better reason than Spring season coming up to be inspired and get into full gear just before the summer. I received a mini-magazine from the store with all the goodies for sale chocked full of coupons. I headed over with some ideas and possibilities in mind for some upcoming projects. While there, I walked aisle after aisle and my head kept spinning with even more possibilities and creations. Despite failing at my goal of leaving with only 1 thing, I did manage to limit it to three items and save 40% on everything. They let me use 3 coupons in one transaction because they were 3 different categories and 3 different coupons. Imagine that... My three purchases were:

Cherry-print fabric for a summer tube top dress. One yard of this stuff is enough to make a dress for me and the baby.

Schmetz Machine Embroidery Needles to do some machine embroidery on the summer dresses.

Sulky Sticky+ Stabilizer to put on the fabric before performing any embroidery. This keeps the fabric from shifting or stretching as the machine does its stuff.

Total Bill = $23.31.

So go ahead... get isnspired. Hit up your local J0-Ann store or go to and shop with your fingertips!

Schmetz Machine Embroidery Needle Assorted (3)11/75-(2)14/90Shop Anytime & Save