Oilcloth is Not Safe for Children?

So I have been searching for Oilcloth since I have been coming across it on Martha Stewart and various magazines for some time now. I was really stoked to find a store who carried it and the variety looked cool...

then I read this:

Can I sell stuff that I make out of oilcloth?
There is no lead in the oilcloth, but the levels of Phthalates are too high to comply with the new standards for items which are going to be sold and are intended to be used by children under 12 years old. So you can still make and sell bags and other things created with oilcloth but items like bibs and splat-mats cannot be sold.

So, I'm pretty bummed out. The chemical is almost in everything from plastic cups and shower curtains as it's what makes plastics more flexible. I was thinking of sewing using oilcloth because as a mother, it just seemed to be the perfect thing (waterproof and cleans with a wipe) but after reading about the Phtalates, no thank you. I don't want more of this chemical in my house than there already is unfortunately.

Source: http://www.mendels.com/fabrics10.shtml