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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Coming Back...

I know I have been MIA for far tooooo long. The last heard of me was ending the Summer sewing class at Palomar with a bang! On the way home, I looked into buying a serious machine as my Singer I have been using just died the night before and dissapointed, I chose to hold off. A week later, I entered into the Fall Sewing class... but had to drop because morning sickness with child #2 has left me literally sick to my stomach and useless! I have not sewn since then =/

Today, as I strive to get life back on track due to easing morning sickness, I search for a sewing machine. Still determined not to do business with Sewing Machines Plus, I seek elsewhere. I was brought again to the attention of Costco. Costco still sells sewing machines online.

True, it was where I got my last machine online and the machine died a few short months later. But it also is the only place that would give me the full purchase price for a dead machine! Yes, I got all the $ back when I returned the dead Singer; almost $200 on a Costco cash card. The money has bought us gas, groceries, cheap eats, and books. Imagine that! It seems as if I rented a machine for free with merely a fully refundable deposit.

So yes, as I said, I am coming back. I sent a message out to my sewing group about meeting again in my or their homes. Early December is a possible timeframe or maybe one even sooner at another member's house. Nothing in stone yet but I am looking forward to meeting with my fellow sewers once again!

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