Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Learning by Connecting

I was very excited to learn today that my sewing group will finally be doing a meet again. It's been so long since the last one and there is no better way to learn and get inspired but to be with others of like mind. Other than taking a sewing course, this is the major way to really jumpstart your sewing journey. So google and look around for groups. I found my group on Meetup.com.

Another way to get connected is through the American Sewing Guild. This site can help you find your local chapter that hold classes and events. Some of the local sites list people who offer to teach sewing one on one.


San Diego Sewing:

Click here for your local ASG. Note that there is a yearly fee to join but parts of the site and 411 on anything sewing is accessible.

Sewing classes are available throughout the county and through various community colleges, but for those looking for free and less structured lessons can attend through local Continuing Ed classes.

I will be updating this with upcoming sewing classes once I learn of them.

Til then, connect and learn!


For those who must learn from home, don't despair. Check out the How To Videos page with videos and resources that I've found helpful or promising.

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