Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back in class today... Patriotic shirt sewing

Finally back in class after a week of being unable to attend. Today, I was critiqued regarding my vest. Professor said that it was 'Excellent' in all categories... dramatic and great choice in fabric/print/color, Yay!

I started sewing my Patriotic shirt. The steps are:

Sew the lapel with nfusible interfacing right sides together, with 1/8 or 1/16 in stay stitching. Turn other way and press. Repeat for other side.

Join pieces at shoulder. Finish seams with a serge or with a 'simple seam' finish.

Take one side of collar and apply fusible interfacing. Press.
Take both collar pieces right sides together. Stay stitching all around 1/2" except for the sides with notches. Make a diagonal at the corners instead. This will make the corners sharpest.
Turn the collar inside out. Use a pointed stick to push out corners. Press.

Attach the collar notches to the shirt neck right sides together matching notches, pin.
Take the lapel ends pin edge to itself 1/2"
Pull around lapel and meet with shoulder stitching.
Sandwich and pin the collar and stay stitch
Cut a notch on the collars where the inside shoulder seams line up with the collar. Stay stitch the whole thing from one side to the other, but lifting up the top layer of the collar when sewing in the area between the two shoulder seams.
Take the top unsewn layer and fold over other layers. Stitch 1/8. Press.

Attach Sleeves:
I'm currently working on this... have to figure it out... will update later.

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Kelsey said...

Hey jenny...just wanted to tell you I love the vest you posted pics of...and I'll be at one of your classes soon, we've had a crazy past few weeks, and fridays are difficult, soo sorry I RSVP'd and didn't show, know that was really flakey. I'm thinking about you though, and can't wait t get together again soon. ;)

Jennylou Raya said...

No worries Kelsey! things happen and self and family come first =) see u soon!