Thursday, August 6, 2009

Class on Wednesday

I made it to class on Wednesday morning only to find out that i forgot the cord to my sewing machine. There are sewing machines in class but since i hadn't touched them since 8 weeks ago, I forgot how to thread them already. So I spent my class time catching up on notes from a classmate and trying to figure out what would be on the final.... a shirt collar demo, a drawstring demo, and 2 zippers. Yes, I saw a zipper demo that morning. Now I can do a type of zipper, yay!

Currently, I am a bit overwhelmed and stressed out with all i have to do: a 5 page paper on 50s fashion icons/designers, 30 samples, the Patriotic shirt (project 3) and the dress (final project). I have 80% secured someone to watch my baby this coming week so I can be in class and have time afterward to work on things. My only concern now is keeping my energy level up as i am depleted of it all.

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