Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My 1952 dress is finished!

Just finished it minutes ago... i am so tired. started working on it in class this morning and just finished now at 4 am... practically nonstop.

This pattern says 'Very Easy.' Professor today said that this can mean different things depending on the maker of the pattern. Very Easy for Vogue patterns can be equivalent to the most difficult Simplicity patterns. From easy to advance in regards to pattern makers: Simplicity, Butterick, McCalls, Vogue.

I turned in my Patriotic Shirt yesterday after working on it until 2 am in the morning. Professor only looked at it for 15 seconds, if that! I felt like making him just stare at it forever since i spent soooo much time trying to make it perfect. I heard my classmates today were getting B's and C's. I was too scared to ask. I will ask tomorrow.

2 down and 2 to go:
Patterns and 1950s paper. Can I finish it all by Thursday? Seriously don't know =/ I'm not a pressimist but am a realist and it just seems impossible, but I will die trying... man that sounds bad too, ha!

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