Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new book for me: Patternmaking for Fashion Design 4th edition

I was so overly excited as I got a response to my ad looking for sewing knick-knacks that people were wanting to get rid of or throw away and she mentioned having a pattern making book. I had told my hubby that other than an advanced sewing class, I wanted to take pattern-making if i was to really have the basics and hone in on my sewing skills.

Upon picking up the book, she also had patterns from the fabric stores - which is great as i never want to cut the ones i buy for myself, as well as an older sewing machine. It appears to be running at first glance as the machine is threaded and all with fabric currently in the feed, but have yet to plug it in and try it for myself.

I probably will be passing on some of the stuff I received today or have them ready for use as i start up my sewing group again in 2010 - only days away! I am always willing to share and always thankful for people's generosity.

She said she might not be home when I dropped by and her home looked empty as I walked up to the stuff on her porch, but after I heard some movement inside, I rang the doorbell to personally thank her for her kindness. She was very sweet and seemed very grateful that I was thankful. She said that she too had taken some sewing at Mesa College, as well as the pattern-making but had to stop because of a coming baby. Her hope is that I can make great use of the stuff and even apologetic for not having more. Apologies not required at all and i will be forever thankful!

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