Cricut Expressions in Green Red Black Canary Plum Green Aqua Champagne ... and for less!

As of my checking Joann's website at 630 PST, the Cricut Expressions is SOLD OUT. But don't worry, there is still hope.  I just found other sites that have it for a real close price or even lower.  Yup, I did! The catch?  They are not in white but in color.  Did you know that these ExpMachines come in so many colors and for less than the Original white ones?  I did not know about all these colors until the last hours or so...Other than the color, I do not know the difference as far as specs and functions between the colorful ones and the white ones we all are accustomed to seeing.  If anyone happens to know, please let me know.

Here is what I've found:

Hallmark Scrapbook had the ExpMachine in red and in green at $149 and just within the last minutes, they too have sold out.  These were WITHOUT 2 cartridges they normally come with.  If you want the 2 cartridges, you can still get it in the green for $179.99.  If you prefer a black one, that is available too for $194.99.  If you want the white, that is $219.99. Where is this you ask? 

Want an ExpMachine is Champagne? Die Cut Central has it and for only $169.99.  Only 1 cartridge but oh so cute!  They also have the original white $204.95-$2.09.99 depending on your preferred cartridges. I also found that this place is the best in price when it comes to the Cricut Cake and Cricut Imagine.  But isn't the ExpMachine in champagne tempting?!

So is that champagne color just too drab for you and want something that just screams or a little more funky? Guess from where?!  WAL-MART!  It too is less in price than the original white Cricut ExpMachines at $185.99.  It comes in green, aqua, canary, and plum.  Walmart also have it in black and white for prices from $235-$249 up to $180 more if you want it with the Gypsy. (Update 11/28 I just saw that walmart had another ad that had it for $188 and the colors were red, blue, green, and black.  Yesterday, I found out that the company at some point released a pink one.)

Back to the funky cool colored ones, the description only says:

  • 6 modes and 4 functions

  • Select image and cut

  • Portable machine 

  • You can take a look and order them here:

    or simply enjoy the pictures below