Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You have the winning bid! Cricut Once Upon a Princess ($14.29) and Cricut Serenade ($16.34)

So I did it. I got on eBay to seek out the best deals possible for these expensive Cricut cartridges and within minutes, I won 2.

Crazy for a gal who still have to receive her Expression from Joann.com. To my defense, I got them at a steal with a combined savings of $90 from their retail prices.

'Serenade' is for me because I love the nature, trees and birdcage images. I see myself putting this on Spring clothing as appliques on skirts... and maybe shirts too.

and 'Once Upon a Princess' is for my 3 year old daughter who can't stop talking about her being a Princess and dancing with Daddy in her castle. With OUP, I can print out a 3D Castle and Princess with different outfits, almost like paper dolls.

The adrenaline is winding down now and I must sleep before the kids wake.  So much for cleaning house, ha!

(Images above were retrieved from Hallmark Scrapbook's site, another great place to get all your Cricut needs fulfilled.)

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