Friday, December 3, 2010

Brother® LB-6800THRD is the same as Brother® LB-6770PRW

...unless I am just overlooking something.  No matter how hard I look, I see the specs are the exact same thing and the only difference is the name.

Check out the 6700 here from the Brother website:

The most thorough coverage of the 6770, i found here:

Costco's 6800 is here:

And how am I so sure?  Because I just went through this blog and in October 2009, I was eyeing this machine and sure enough 6770 was #.  See the original post here:

So yes, a little over a year ago, I bought this machine from Costco... everything is the same except the title.  The picture of on Costco's website still has not changed in since I bought it. Why are they doing this?  It has to be the marketing.  You don't want a machine that seems to be just sitting at a Costco Warehouse for a year right?  Possibly.  So just change the # of the machine.  And like last year's deal, it comes with the 12 pack embroidery threads.

The only thing different this year, other than the model #, on the Costco's site is the ability to rate it.  I have been wanting to give my machine 5 stars for the last year but the option was not available.  But because it isn't a 6800, I won't do it now.  It doesn't need another 5 star review anyway... it's practically perfect at 24 reviews already.

I say, if you want a sewing machine, go with this one.  And Costco is like a Nordstrom's; something happens, take it back for the full purchase price.  That gives me peace of mind if the machine croaks like my first sewing machine did (also from Costco) and was refunded cash and I spent it towards this one.  Money well spent!


Unknown said...

Thank you SEW much for your blog post, I was wondering if these were the same machine too! So do you still love your machine?

Happy Sewing!
Sue S.

Jennylou Raya said...

you are so welcome. glad i could help. either name or #, it is the same machine. i still love it like i did when i purchased it. i have used the embroidery and it is nice but it is a hassle for me to switch the system back and forth between embroidery and sewing. i should have bought 2 LOL.... but definitely a great machine even for just sewing alone. i love how i can set the speed and the automatic thread cutter is the best part about this thing =)

anne_tf said...

I have the 6770 and it uses a memory card to transfer embroidery designs from the computer to the sewing machine. This required an additional purchase of PED-Basic. The 6800 links directly from the computer to the machine.

I am considering returning the 6770 to Costco because the PED-Basic software doesn't work with Mac or with Windows 7 despite what the Brother Solutions website states. I would much rather have something that links directly and works with newer Windows or Mac OS X.