Sunday, January 2, 2011

Purchased Singer SF150G (Dress Form) in Small

It's not top of the line or the most beautiful or anything but something that is closest to my size and has decent reviews and decently priced combined.  I went with Amazon despite it being a few bucks more expensive than because the return policy is just so much better if there was a problem with it, and according to reviews, there are problems more times than one would expect.  So here she is... expected arrival is Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reviews of the dress form: Amazon and Joann's

I just noticed that it is $229.99 right now at Joann's.  It was $99 when I was thinking of buying from them on New Year's eve.  But no worries for those who would like to buy, Amazon still has it for $119.  Had you gone after the $99, you would have had to pay shipping anyway, making it close to AZ's $119.  See the exact one here:

And though Singer DF150 (red version) is so much prettier, the reviews were a lot lower on that one, leading me to believe that color isn't the only difference between the two.

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