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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brother PC 210 & Brother PC 420 Project Runway Computerized Machines

This is what Palomar College's Apparel Construction classes will be using starting the Fall of 2009. It is the Brother PC 210

This is what I would like to have for myself, the Brother PC 420.

I wrote

because of their claim of

Low Price Guarantee

SewingMachinesPlus is committed to satisfying its customers with a low price guarantee. Have you found a product at a competitor's store with a lower price? Let us know and we will not only match the price, but we will provide a discount of 10% of the initial price difference!

Guidelines for Price Matching:

  • The item must be sold by an authorized internet retailer for the item's brand.
  • Auctions and eBay listings are NOT eligible for price matching.
  • The item on our site must be identical in model/part number to the competitor's item.
  • The item must be available and purchaseable on another website.

I had to let them know since they asked..."Was this product being sold in a package deal with any other products? "

No, just by itself and it does come with all the same things/feet/accessories your pc 420 does, but Joann is $200 cheaper. I will be buying a machine within 72 hours and with everything constant, Joann seems like the way to go.

I say this because... I was in your San Marcos store today and was shown the pc 210. i have Torrie Root's business card with "PRW 210 $499 Palomar College tax included" written and signed by her and I later see on your website that it is $399!!! I don't mean to be frank but if having and keeping our business is important as she said, then why the $100 difference. I was made to believe that I was saving money by not having to pay tax as the machine is $499 at the store. I'm not upset, just disheartened. My family is not rich or anything, but we do support business practices with integrity over low cost elsewhere all the time... but with either one, then what? thank you for taking the time to read.

To me, good business practice and integrity should ALWAYS be part of the packages anyone purchases. Purchasing from Joann gives me no service nor future service but it does keep $200 in my pocket when this machine needs to get serviced.

If upholds their word with their low price guarantee, then I will have both... service and lowest cost... and that would be real nice =) Experience

I went into the Sew Pro in Escondido and met Rosemary. She was just the sweetest thing. She asked my what my range was and I said $300-400. She showed me the Elna 2100, didn't have the 2300 or 2800 in store, but she had the 2600 and 5100 to show. She was very patient showing me the stitches and the features of each Elna model. It is an impressive machine... not in looks but in features. She did jeans to sheer to ribbed to stretch knit and to elastic effortlessly - all in one setting!

I told her what happened to my Singer from a regular store and she said that Singers aren't that great. They are good in general stores because of their looks, priced low to sell with all the hoots and whistles but as far as the quality of machine and stitches, the machines do not hold up and break easily. Much better bet with Singers or machines from dealers as they tend to carry the good models and built better for dealers compared to the ones for mass stores. Also, the Elna doesn't look so pretty but is known for quality. And with the demos she did... it really was nice =)

She also showed me the Brother Project Runway 40 and said it was rated #1 in the Consumer Reports. It is pretty and pink with a bug circle dial. No, she did not have the one Palomar has... i would have bought it from her instead of

I left with some pamphlets and info. I liked her a lot. There was no pressure and she was so patient to answer all of my questions. I shook her hand, thanked her, and walked to my car. I was thinking I really liked the Elnas she showed (range of $299 and up) but it just didn't have enough "stuff." I will think about it and tomorrow hubby and i go searching for a machine, yay!

My personal experience

so i went to Sew Pro and was dealt by the sales manager. I told her i was from Palomar College blah blah blah...

and she told me that Palomar just bought a whole bunch of Magnolias and showed me the Magnolia machine. I corrected her by saying that a professor from Palomar had the Janome Magnolias but not the classrooms. She was looking right at me but just ignored the statement and didn't flinch. She moves on.

She asked what price range i was looking into and I said $400 and split second, "That's perfect!" I've worked a decade or so in sales so i was thinking.... whatever...

anyway, she tells me the best buy would be the Brother 210 and I told her i think that that was the one Palomar bought 30 of then of. she said then it would be good to have the machine for me at home since it was the same as the school. She also said she would take care of me.

So here's the kicker... she tells me it is $499 ( I said only $400, didn't i?) and later says she will take out the tax for me... so $499 out the door (written on her business card "PRW 210 $499 Palomar College tax included"). I go online to their website ( and see that the Brother PC 210 is $449 retail and on sale for $399 so WHAT IS GOING ON?!!!

I would complain but she's the sales manager. i just don't like business people like this and don't business with such... the store is so big and nice and just has all this cool stuff but that service.... questionable..... what do you think?

Zoe is gone =*(

So my Zoe (Singer 4166) died... well kind of... she would not stop on command, she just kept sewing and sewing and faster than the speed i had it set to. She became possessed =/. i just got this machine a little before Mother's Day so it isn't that old at all. I took it back to Costco to exchange it and got the $ back. I was so bummed to see that there were no more left on the shelf and they do no know if and when more would come. There was a bunch just last week! Argh!!!! So in short, no more Zoe =/

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My 1952 dress is finished!

Just finished it minutes ago... i am so tired. started working on it in class this morning and just finished now at 4 am... practically nonstop.

This pattern says 'Very Easy.' Professor today said that this can mean different things depending on the maker of the pattern. Very Easy for Vogue patterns can be equivalent to the most difficult Simplicity patterns. From easy to advance in regards to pattern makers: Simplicity, Butterick, McCalls, Vogue.

I turned in my Patriotic Shirt yesterday after working on it until 2 am in the morning. Professor only looked at it for 15 seconds, if that! I felt like making him just stare at it forever since i spent soooo much time trying to make it perfect. I heard my classmates today were getting B's and C's. I was too scared to ask. I will ask tomorrow.

2 down and 2 to go:
Patterns and 1950s paper. Can I finish it all by Thursday? Seriously don't know =/ I'm not a pressimist but am a realist and it just seems impossible, but I will die trying... man that sounds bad too, ha!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Class on Wednesday

I made it to class on Wednesday morning only to find out that i forgot the cord to my sewing machine. There are sewing machines in class but since i hadn't touched them since 8 weeks ago, I forgot how to thread them already. So I spent my class time catching up on notes from a classmate and trying to figure out what would be on the final.... a shirt collar demo, a drawstring demo, and 2 zippers. Yes, I saw a zipper demo that morning. Now I can do a type of zipper, yay!

Currently, I am a bit overwhelmed and stressed out with all i have to do: a 5 page paper on 50s fashion icons/designers, 30 samples, the Patriotic shirt (project 3) and the dress (final project). I have 80% secured someone to watch my baby this coming week so I can be in class and have time afterward to work on things. My only concern now is keeping my energy level up as i am depleted of it all.

My final project dress in progress

the pic here only shows 2 of 3 views, to see the whole thing, go to:

i have to get creative with that gap in the middle... my waist measurement has grown... and will continue to grow for the next 9 months. yes, we are expecting =)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My final class project Butterick B4790

It took 5 hours tracing the pattern on to fabric with a tracing wheel and tracing paper, because I did not want to cut the pattern.

It is categorized as "Very Easy" but I spent from 7 am to 7 pm sewing this dress together - AND I AM STILL NOT DONE. I still need to do the edging/bias tape. I guess what is making this dress so hard is that I am interchanging/contrasting fabric and bias tape colors. I should be happy when all is said and done =)