Monday, September 27, 2010

Martha Stewart's Girl Shirt Dress

I get Martha's emails daily and in this particular one, I laid eyes on this Shirt dress made from Daddy's (or any available men's) shirt.  It is not a new concept but I was so very was glad to see that there was a printable pattern for it.  I am a sucker for patterns and templates.  Yes, I can probably do a decent freehand for the many things I want to sew but the perfectionist in me starts screaming "Where's the template?  No template? Move on!" or "Use the template!"  One day, maybe I will hear... "You got this; freehand it baby!" Yeah.... maybe.

 I did not make it out of a shirt but with about a yard of fabric, instead. With the rainy weather and the falling of leaves, I felt the urge to use this print out of my flannel stash.  I purchased this fabric last fall.  This is my first sewing project since July.  I supposed because I have talked his ears off about sewing again to the point that hubby took the kids and let me sew in peace; he tried his best, anyway.Oh and the tie can be detached and used as a headband =) Purdeeeee....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010