Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The search is on... and ended I think...

well kinda... as I am only looking at the Costco Sewing Machines with its limitless return policy. If it breaks, I can return for a new one or get a totally different machine. Summer semester, I learned from my instructor that Brother is built better than Singer as Singer has made changes to its everything in order to provide all their features, bells and whistles, within a low pricepoint. The result is a lesser quality machine and more plastic. Brother, though it has lots of plastic too, it's insides are still made of metals and stronger materials. I really don't know for sure how true this is but my really old Brother is still going and my Singer is dead =/

With all the above in mind, I am looking at the The Brother® LB-6770THRD Project Runway machine. This was the machine I wanted to get since the very beginning before I started sewing again early this year but being that it was so new with very few ratings found anywhere (which were all positive)and such a high price for someone who hasnn't sewn, i had forgone the machine.

Today, I looked it up again and found on a page at PatternReview.com that this machine is the same inside with just a slightly different look outside as the highly regarded Brother SE-350. One could see that if you were to compare the LB-6770THRD and the SE-350's stats side by side or simply take the word of the customer service rep. He says that it's just named differently by Costco and for whatever other marketing reasons under the sun.
HSN sells this too and here is the SE-350/LB-6770PRW at work

Costco's LB-6770THRD is a lower price tag and includes a pack of colored embroidery thread that goes for $60 on Amazon. Other sites sell the Costco machine with the same machine/same look but with a different name but includes a really nice looking rolling bag while Costco's does not say so on their description nor flash one in its images. I really want that bag... but to pay more and not have the Costco guarantee, it's not worth it to me.

Wow.... so much to think about, right? Just right now, I'm even thinking of going back to Escondido's SewPro for the Innov-is 900D for the USB feature.

The step above is the highly regarded Innov-is 900D with its 120 built in embroidery, direct computer connection via USB AND Disney/Pixar characters included. HSN does sell the SE-350 with a USB cable model, an HSN exclusive called model Brother He-240. Despite being a step above the 350, users and reviewers say that the quality is up to par with the 900D. If you would like to see the He-240 at work, watch

I'm Coming Back...

I know I have been MIA for far tooooo long. The last heard of me was ending the Summer sewing class at Palomar with a bang! On the way home, I looked into buying a serious machine as my Singer I have been using just died the night before and dissapointed, I chose to hold off. A week later, I entered into the Fall Sewing class... but had to drop because morning sickness with child #2 has left me literally sick to my stomach and useless! I have not sewn since then =/

Today, as I strive to get life back on track due to easing morning sickness, I search for a sewing machine. Still determined not to do business with Sewing Machines Plus, I seek elsewhere. I was brought again to the attention of Costco. Costco still sells sewing machines online.

True, it was where I got my last machine online and the machine died a few short months later. But it also is the only place that would give me the full purchase price for a dead machine! Yes, I got all the $ back when I returned the dead Singer; almost $200 on a Costco cash card. The money has bought us gas, groceries, cheap eats, and books. Imagine that! It seems as if I rented a machine for free with merely a fully refundable deposit.

So yes, as I said, I am coming back. I sent a message out to my sewing group about meeting again in my or their homes. Early December is a possible timeframe or maybe one even sooner at another member's house. Nothing in stone yet but I am looking forward to meeting with my fellow sewers once again!