Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Giveaway: Owl Flannel Shirt Dress (extended until Dec 31 PST)

In the Spirit of Giveaways....I will be giving away something too.....

I was not able to make the Sew Mama Sew deadline but I will be sure to be on next year.

But for now, I present to you:

This is a pillowcase style shirt with a coordinating tie.  It is 100% cotton with serged seams for extra stability.

In order to win this dress, please leave a comment telling me about your favorite animal and your favorite winter fabric.  That's it!  You're in to win =)

Not required but for up to 9 additional entries, please do one or more of the the following (1 additional thing is 1 additional entry) and come back to post letting me know that you have done it.  1 post for each thing done.  Almost all the links are to the right column of my blog for your convenience.

* Subscribe to my blog via RSS feed
*Friend me on Facebook, Couturière Jennylou
*If you sew and are in San Diego or not, "Like" our San Diego sewing group page
*Follow me on Twitter @sewclueless
*Tweet about this give away, include @sewclueless in tweet
*Facebook about this giveaway
*Blog about this giveaway and send me the link to the blog post
*Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect
*If you scrapbook, "Like" the Cricut San Diego at 

That's 10 entries or possibilities in being the winner for this dress.
I will be choosing winner on the 19 11PST and ship out on the 20th 2-3 days Priority.

Winner will be chosen randomly, so the more you do, the higher the chance.  I will verify winning post and contact directly, so please leave a means of contact.

Thank You!!!

Make sure to check back next month for the January giveaway!

Sew Mama Sew Giveaways!

Going on until December 17.  There are hundreds of participants and it would be days before i get through all of them, if I tried.  I have only entered 5 giveaways so far, only entering for things I would really want. The last one by Hanamik.  She makes keychains that are so cute. 

You can check her page out here:

There are so many people entering to win and i probably won't even win anything, so i am just enjoying the process of meeting other artists and looking at beautiful things.

I also found that there are quite a bit of people out there who openly love Jesus.  That's pretty awesome.... I do too!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One on One Sewing Courses in North County

I am now offering sewing courses in the North County San Diego.

4-week sessions
10:30 am - 1:30pm
12 hours of instruction

Sewing also available in 8-week, 12-week and 16-week instruction

Other classes (one-time and series) available:

Gourmet Cooking
Healthy/Whole/Raw Foods 
Home Organization
Home Management
Personal and Image Development
Not-So-Desperate Housewife

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Sew News Magazine for a friend, 2 for 1, BOGO

Been thinking for awhile of getting this magazine.  I just took advantage of the Martha Stewart 3-for-1 subscription the other night.  Hmmm...should I get another magazine? This is such a sweet deal.  A picture of giving to yourself and to others ;)

I have seen this magazine at Bookstar in La Jolla and it is my favorite one of all the sewing magazines I have seen thus far in my life, especially for beginners. 

Just spent $300 last night on plane tickets.... hmmm.... I gotta look for some $ and coins scattered around my place.  If I find enough, I will  subscribe... and I do have a sewing friend in mind....  do you?  Below is the info on the deal... good til January 18, 2011

Need a gift idea for a sewing buddy? Or maybe you know someone who’s learning to sew and could use extra help and inspiration? You’re in luck! Just in time for the holidays, we’re offering this exclusive two-for-one subscription deal on Sew News. Until Jan. 18, you can subscribe or renew your subscription at a special low rate, and give a one year subscription to a friend absolutely free! To top it off, you and your friend will also both receive a free sewing gift. What a great way to give the gift of sewing all year long! To take advantage of this super deal, simply click below:


Bobbins for my Brother

Finally getting bobbins.  You can somewhat gage how much one is able to sew with how many bobbins they've got. Well... maybe... or maybe not.  But in my case, I have been sewing so little that for the past year, I have been able to make it with 1 bobbin.  But this year coming, i am going to sew 10x more so that calls for 10 bobbins.  Makes sense, right? =)  Just wanted to share with you a site that has them for sale at the right price.  It also helps that the website's name is oh so cute.  Maybe just a little?  Here you go:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Brother® LB-6800THRD is the same as Brother® LB-6770PRW

...unless I am just overlooking something.  No matter how hard I look, I see the specs are the exact same thing and the only difference is the name.

Check out the 6700 here from the Brother website:

The most thorough coverage of the 6770, i found here:

Costco's 6800 is here:

And how am I so sure?  Because I just went through this blog and in October 2009, I was eyeing this machine and sure enough 6770 was #.  See the original post here:

So yes, a little over a year ago, I bought this machine from Costco... everything is the same except the title.  The picture of on Costco's website still has not changed in since I bought it. Why are they doing this?  It has to be the marketing.  You don't want a machine that seems to be just sitting at a Costco Warehouse for a year right?  Possibly.  So just change the # of the machine.  And like last year's deal, it comes with the 12 pack embroidery threads.

The only thing different this year, other than the model #, on the Costco's site is the ability to rate it.  I have been wanting to give my machine 5 stars for the last year but the option was not available.  But because it isn't a 6800, I won't do it now.  It doesn't need another 5 star review anyway... it's practically perfect at 24 reviews already.

I say, if you want a sewing machine, go with this one.  And Costco is like a Nordstrom's; something happens, take it back for the full purchase price.  That gives me peace of mind if the machine croaks like my first sewing machine did (also from Costco) and was refunded cash and I spent it towards this one.  Money well spent!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You have the winning bid! Cricut Once Upon a Princess ($14.29) and Cricut Serenade ($16.34)

So I did it. I got on eBay to seek out the best deals possible for these expensive Cricut cartridges and within minutes, I won 2.

Crazy for a gal who still have to receive her Expression from To my defense, I got them at a steal with a combined savings of $90 from their retail prices.

'Serenade' is for me because I love the nature, trees and birdcage images. I see myself putting this on Spring clothing as appliques on skirts... and maybe shirts too.

and 'Once Upon a Princess' is for my 3 year old daughter who can't stop talking about her being a Princess and dancing with Daddy in her castle. With OUP, I can print out a 3D Castle and Princess with different outfits, almost like paper dolls.

The adrenaline is winding down now and I must sleep before the kids wake.  So much for cleaning house, ha!

(Images above were retrieved from Hallmark Scrapbook's site, another great place to get all your Cricut needs fulfilled.)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cricut Swarm San Diego

Due to my recent craziness over the Cricut machines and everything tied to it, I've decided to start a Cricut San Diego Swarm Page.  I just found out the other day that my friend has an Expression that has been in the box for 2 years.  With mine coming, we'd like to start a Swarm together.  Don't know what that is?  Check this out:

1) Get some Cricut friends interested in meeting up
2) Register your swarm
3) Enter to win a Cricut prize pack for the group

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cricut Expressions in Green Red Black Canary Plum Green Aqua Champagne ... and for less!

As of my checking Joann's website at 630 PST, the Cricut Expressions is SOLD OUT. But don't worry, there is still hope.  I just found other sites that have it for a real close price or even lower.  Yup, I did! The catch?  They are not in white but in color.  Did you know that these ExpMachines come in so many colors and for less than the Original white ones?  I did not know about all these colors until the last hours or so...Other than the color, I do not know the difference as far as specs and functions between the colorful ones and the white ones we all are accustomed to seeing.  If anyone happens to know, please let me know.

Here is what I've found:

Hallmark Scrapbook had the ExpMachine in red and in green at $149 and just within the last minutes, they too have sold out.  These were WITHOUT 2 cartridges they normally come with.  If you want the 2 cartridges, you can still get it in the green for $179.99.  If you prefer a black one, that is available too for $194.99.  If you want the white, that is $219.99. Where is this you ask? 

Want an ExpMachine is Champagne? Die Cut Central has it and for only $169.99.  Only 1 cartridge but oh so cute!  They also have the original white $204.95-$2.09.99 depending on your preferred cartridges. I also found that this place is the best in price when it comes to the Cricut Cake and Cricut Imagine.  But isn't the ExpMachine in champagne tempting?!

So is that champagne color just too drab for you and want something that just screams or a little more funky? Guess from where?!  WAL-MART!  It too is less in price than the original white Cricut ExpMachines at $185.99.  It comes in green, aqua, canary, and plum.  Walmart also have it in black and white for prices from $235-$249 up to $180 more if you want it with the Gypsy. (Update 11/28 I just saw that walmart had another ad that had it for $188 and the colors were red, blue, green, and black.  Yesterday, I found out that the company at some point released a pink one.)

Back to the funky cool colored ones, the description only says:

  • 6 modes and 4 functions

  • Select image and cut

  • Portable machine 

  • You can take a look and order them here:

    or simply enjoy the pictures below  



    Provo Craft Cricut Gypsy at Michael's for $99

    So i saw on the message boards that the Gypsy went on sale the lowest ever at Michael's in the recent months for $149.  So I figured, let me look up their flier online.

    And sure enough:

     page 2!!!!

    I had called my BIL - store manager of a Michael's, in one of their largest stores.  He said they still had some.  I thought they would be out by now and I would need a store locator.  So I called my nearest one to me and they have 6 left.  The hubby went running!

    The Expressions for $199 and a Gypsy for $99 is definitely a good day =)

    Hubby got me the Doorbuster Cricut Expressions from for $199

    I saw this in the mailer that came to my house last week.  I have been oogling a Cricut for over half a year but it really is a heavy chunk of cash for this household.

    $199 sure is tempting.  But still... that's muchos dinero.

    Despite that, I went to Joann's website at 10ish PST November 25 and it was on sale for $299.  So there you go, they are not going to do this online.  It's already Black Friday on the eastcoast and it is $299.

    Then I went back at 11 PST and the site was down.  ERROR, broken, a bunch of codes DOWN.  Other times, it would have this page:

    Oops! is currently experiencing
    technical difficulties. Our team is working
    around the clock to correct the issue, and
    we hope to have our shopping site
    restored soon.
    Please note that online promotional codes valid at the time of the temporary site outage will be extended to enable you, our valued customers, an opportunity to take advantage of the special offers.
    We appreciate your continued patience and look forward to serving your creative needs.
    Thank you!

    In the meantime, our customers can still:

    View the Store Sales Fliers and Class Catalogs >

    I went to bed before 2ish, the site was still down and I called it a night.  I had a dream that I got one for $199 and my dream was broken by a baby who needed a feeding at 3ish.  I told myself, "What a funny and absurd dream... maybe next year."

    Hubby calls me from work just minutes after the baby woke me in the morning at 650am.  Right before the cell rang, I was thinking "Oh Cricut, oh well, I would not put my kids through the cold even if I had the money for it... but I wonder who went..." What ever rationalizing to help stomp the desire for it, right? Right...

    So why then was I breathless when I picked up the phone and hubby tells me "I got you the Cricut from Joann for $199."  Everything was a blur after that... I could not believe it!  I asked a bunch of questions to help me know if it was all true and if it was the Expression - not Personal and not Create.  I then told him all the above, the website, and my dream. Plus, he was at work so how could he get the doorbuster deal? Did he run out to Joann?  He said he just went online around 2am and bought it.  What?! I felt like as if the Joann's site parted like the sea for Moses for him to buy a Cricut.  Whatever it was, I am now a proud owner of a Cricut Expressions machine, yay!

    What will I do first with Cricut?  Sew it a cover!!!! Yup, a cover =) I will always be a sewer first and then all other crafts after.

    Oh - and the main reason for wanting this is to cut fabric appliques to put on dresses and skirts.

    The deal is good all day until supplies last as per the flyer so get it while you can!  The site is down this second with the above message.  I was able to go to earlier to see that it was indeed $199.

    The Personal is $59 according to my friend Holly who braved the store and got one.  The website says 'Sold Out.'  Their flier says $69 starting  November 27, Saturday but if the stores are sold out today then what good is that? The Create is sold out too and I did not catch the price for that one.

    And the Cake Machine is on sale too.  My cousin has that one and makes the most beautiful Hello Kitty Cakes.  I just can't go that way because I have a high chance of developing diabetes as family history and the shakies after eating lots of cake =/

    Well, enough rambling.... I must clean up my kitchen from yesterday's eating. Lots of dishes are piled up!  Plus, I gotta figure out the next step... where to land a Gypsy for as close to $100 as possible because then I would have beaten the best price anywhere found at; this is another online adventure in itself!

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    How to thread your Singer 201

    my singer 201 has been sitting there in the corner of my master bedroom for over a year bc i cannot figure out how to thread it, attached to a table, and nothing online helped. but today i find this. i hope to try it when i get home from my trip.

    i was tempted to sell it but this thing was a great find at $38 from Craigslist.  There was this construction guy that found it abandoned in some building.  Knew nothing about it but i got him to read me the numbers on the machine over the phone.  he had no pictures up and i did not want to waste a drive.  After he read me the numbers, a quick internet database search, i said i was leaving my place that second!

    Another $50 was to get it cleaned and looked over for safety at the Singer store off of Friars Rd.  I asked the Singer guy if it needed anything for it to be in its best shape.  He replied no and that everything was perfect.   Purrr it did - until my toddler unravelled everything at home before i studied and programed its threading in my head...

    so yeah, i will try threading the machine in a couple of days...

    happy sewing everyone!

    Oliver + S Tote Bag Tutorial and Give Away ( free pattern included )

    for those of you that have little pieces of cute fabrics, and yay, no zippers!

    original post November 5, 2010 at Martha Stewart's Craft Department:

    pattern here:

    Free Ruffled Coin Pouch Tutorial {w/ Zipper}

    a am out of town and just trying to catch up on my reading of Everything Etsy on my Google Reader.  I came across this and thought 'Oh my, how cute!'  I have yet to learn how to put in a zipper on anything.  I forgot how since my sewing classes - oh of all the things to forget!  Anyway, for those who does not have this as a hurdle, sew away!

    Guest Tutorial by Janet Metzger of The Empty Nest


    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Free Wallet Pattern Made-to-Order from Sew News

    Organized and Cute - perfect combination!

    This is really fun and sweet looking item to make for yourself or as a gift. 

    It is easy to customize with pockets, flowers, or even a mouse....

    i was just thinking, "Twas the night before Christmas...."

    Maybe add embellishments too?  Possibilities are limitless.

    Go to to get the instructions and free pattern.

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    To sell or not to sell....

    I have been thinking about posting up my Finals project for Apparel Construction I, for sale, in my Etsy Store.  I think it's because I fear rejection.  But now I am reconsidering it.  I saw the dress made by another Etsian.  You can see it here: She did a pretty nice job.  After seeing her listing, I did try my dress on again... i like it all over again.  sigh....

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    Sewing Last Minute Halloween Costumes? Check it! (Pillowcase - Style)

    I went to Joann's yesterday and got a bunch of felt at $2.99/yard. (If you happen to take the last of the roll, they actually give you another discount on top of that!)  With that, I will be making some easy breezy costumes.  I got a yard of the following colors in felt: yellow, red, white, and black, as well as 2 packs of rick rack (wavy in medium).  My bill was just a few coins over $15, not bad for 4 costumes I will be making.

    I will be making pillowcase-style costumes of the ladybug, the bee, and princess seen here from Simplicity Halloween pattern.  I will also be making an angel from the same concept.  Days ago, I picked up wings from the Dollar store (angel, princess, fairy, bee), so I have this itch to sew all these costumes.  Will my daughter wear them?  Probably not, but my goal is to just sew and get better at it in speed and technique.  one day, she will... til then, be inspired to sew for the sake of sewing =)

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Sewing Takes to Airwaves ( Sewing on TV )

    Craft for all. PBS's "Sew It All" aims to show it's a hobby anybody can take up. And with more than 30 million Americans sewing, it seems like everybody has.
    By Elana Ashanti Jefferson

    The Denver Post
    Posted: 10/23/2010 01:00:00 AM MDT
    Updated: 10/23/2010 09:01:56 PM MDT

    Host Ellen March, right, and guest EllynAnne Geisel talk on set. Geisel will lead the segment "Awesome Aprons (." Photos: Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post )

    GOLDEN — Sewing is not rocket science.

    You can teach yourself, use hand-me-town tools and stitch as crooked as Mr. Magoo drives. The result will still be more interesting than most anything you can buy.

    That's the message behind Sew News and Sew It All magazines, published by Colorado's Creative Crafts Group.

    Now, the recent recession and concurrent "green revolution" have kickstarted sewers — roughly 31 million, or 27 percent of, American households included a sewer in 2009, according to the Craft & Hobby Association. Meanwhile, television glamorizes the skill, a la "Project Runway," and yesteryear's styles continue to rule in fashion and home design.

    The result is that Sew It All is taking
    Show host Ellen March demonstrates a ruffle stitching they will work on in the TV show.
    its message to television, too, via a new PBS show set to air in spring 2011.

    The market: today's hip, scissor-cutting-edge creatives. And that includes guys.

    "The reason we came up with this was to take the fear out of sewing," said Ellen March, the editor of Sew News and Sew It All, who also hosts the forthcoming "Sew It All" TV show.

    Seated earlier this week on her show's brand-new set, which was adorned with orange walls, mod red chairs and a pistachio-colored sewing table with vintage-looking scalloped woodwork details, March talked about what she's seen as a recent uptick in sewing.

    "Sewing is hot right now," said March, whose mother is a seamstress and whose father is a journalist. "I hear from a lot of people who say 'I haven't sewn in years and want to start up again,' or 'I want to sew!' "

    Each episode of "Sew It All" on TV spotlights "a fun technique," a project in which that technique is applied, and a special guest to serve as creative inspiration. First-season guests include fashion designers and former "Project Runway" contestants Stephen "Suede" Baum and Carmen Webber; crafts author, novelist and columnist Kathy Cano-Murillo, also known as the "Crafty Chica"; and author and "apron lover" EllynAnne Geisel.

    "I really want it to feel like we're hanging out and it's low- stress," March said.

    Geisel was briefly anxious about appearing on the show, as her own sewing skills are far from perfect. But the author of "The Apron Book: Making, Wearing and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort" and other tomes on the subject said March's laid-back approach to sewing put her at ease.

    "What I love about this new sewing focus is, it encourages you to be good enough," Geisel said. "It's simply the joy of saying, 'Look, I did this myself.' "

    The sewer's satisfaction is compounded by the fact that something handmade is that much more endearing because of the occasional flaw.

    Sorta like people.

    "The hip sewer, that doesn't necessarily (correspond) to an age," Geisel added. "It's just someone who says, 'I want something that is uniquely me.' "

    Phoenix-based Cano-Murillo has spent two decades building her business as a craft-trepreneur, first through her syndicated newspaper column, then through her books, blog and "Crafty Chica" brand crafting supplies. In that time, she said, there have rarely been fresh television shows geared to the country's significant crafting community.

    American consumers spent $27.4 million on crafting in 2009, according to the Craft & Hobby Association. That was a 5 percent increase over the previous year.

    "It's very hip, very fresh, very now," Murillo said of the "Sew It All" TV show concept. She added that dropping into the Denver area recently for a one-day taping was "a breath of fresh, and a lot of fun."

    Contact your local PBS affiliate if you'd like to see "Sew It All," or visit

    Cutting out the space

    No need for a devoted sewing room to begin threading together fashion and home-decorating looks. These tips for getting organized from Sew It All magazine will help sewers keep it all together.

    A sewing cabinet provides a place to keep your sewing machine and notions. They can be small or large, typically include drawers for supplies, and have ample work space.

    A large sewing kit is ideal for novice sewers as it comes with basic supplies — including multiple colors of thread — and is self-contained in a tidy box.

    Thread racks, which come in multiple sizes and can typically hold as many as 120 spools, enable sewers to see what might otherwise get lost in a drawer.

    Storage containers for safety pins, needles, ribbon and the like make these things easier to find and use, and can create their own colorful display.

    Read more: Sewing craze takes to airwaves - The Denver Post

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Craft and Sewing Estate Sale October 23 & 24 in Fontana, CA

    I was contacted by a relative of whom collected all the things you are about to read.  I would love to go but I am unable to do so.  She wants to get the word out so here is one of many attempts.

    My Mom loved to make things or at least she loved the idea of buying projects to make, I can not remember how many times I was with her and she would buy the patterns and material to make my little girl these cute, dress, shirt, skirt, blanket, doll ect only to find the material on the self in her sewing room years latter.  she had so much stuff that she did not know what she had and would buy the item again.  When I went through her craft room i found 20 pairs of scissors, 10 rotary cutters, 15 seam rippers, tons of boxes of freezer paper, I think you have the picture.

    My mom passed away in feb and we need to clear the house, i have taken some of her craft supplies but it is way to much for one person (I have taken way too much).  My mom had a passion for making things and I promised her that I would finish her projects, i know that it would not be possible to do by myself.

    I'm sorry if this is inappropriate but I would like to get my mom's craft items into good hands, we are having an estate sale this weekend the 23rd and 24th of Oct and I was wondering if you could pass the information along to your members or let me know of a better way of getting the word out.

    There is a room full of craft items at very reasonable prices. If we are too far away, I live in Fallbrook and I can bring items back to fallbrook with me if anyone is interested.

    17479 Orchid Ct, Fontana, CA 92335
    phone number 8167168858
    Sat 23rd Oct 0700-4PM
    Sun 24th Oct 0800-2PM

    All types of craft supplies, paints, wooden balls, a few packages of beads, doll heads, prepackaged projects (needlepoint, wreath, snowman, pens, vests ect), cut and sew panels (just in time for the holidays, quick and easy to make and sell at craft fairs) craft books, cooking books and more craft books    boxes and boxes of books

    Patterns: baby clothes, crib sets, toddler clothes, little girls, teen girls, 6-20 women, robes, jackets, a few men and boys, curtains, table runners, chair covers, dolls, doll clothes, bears,  and more.... binders full of project ideas and patterns (free to a good home) boxes, of quilt and project patterns....

    My mom would find a project she wanted to do, buy the material, pattern, and put it all in a bag.  There are many of those bags ready to go. weaving loom, 2 fold up craft tables on wheels, sewing machine in a rolling cabinet, appliques, iron on transfers, boxes of wax paper, cutting mats, tools, elastic, scissors, rotary cutters, thread, buttons, Velcro, binding, batting, pillow forms...  you name it we probably have it (except yarn that is) a bookcase (floor to ceiling) full of material, not to mention the boxes of fat quarters, cutting mats, rulers, and tools that I don't know what they are or how to use them.

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Free Sewing Pattern for Cricut Expression Cutting Machine

    I don't have a Cricut but I do definitely want one.  What I do have
    is a sewing machine.  After looking online and wishing for one, I just have to stop until I make $ from sewing for me to have $ to have one of these things.  Til, then, I will sew away.


    I found this link by Google-ing.  I went to to look for it the manual way and i was unable to do so.  Isn't Google great (sometimes)?

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    The Wonder Bread Dress - Dana Made It Shirt Dress

    A decade ago, i saw my cousin in law's mailbox and thought it was the coolest thing ever... the Wonder Mail. Today, this is my Wonder Dress =)

    Somewhat followed this but i did not use a shirt. i started with plain fabric. I also did not care for the waist band.  I did not do it yet, but prefer to make belts for these; chunky stretchy belts with big sparkly buttlerfly buckles on them.... or whatever else a little girl would like.

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Martha Stewart's Girl Shirt Dress

    I get Martha's emails daily and in this particular one, I laid eyes on this Shirt dress made from Daddy's (or any available men's) shirt.  It is not a new concept but I was so very was glad to see that there was a printable pattern for it.  I am a sucker for patterns and templates.  Yes, I can probably do a decent freehand for the many things I want to sew but the perfectionist in me starts screaming "Where's the template?  No template? Move on!" or "Use the template!"  One day, maybe I will hear... "You got this; freehand it baby!" Yeah.... maybe.

     I did not make it out of a shirt but with about a yard of fabric, instead. With the rainy weather and the falling of leaves, I felt the urge to use this print out of my flannel stash.  I purchased this fabric last fall.  This is my first sewing project since July.  I supposed because I have talked his ears off about sewing again to the point that hubby took the kids and let me sew in peace; he tried his best, anyway.Oh and the tie can be detached and used as a headband =) Purdeeeee....

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Sunday, July 4, 2010

    4th of July shirt and Hello Kitty Pillowcase dress

    I had sewn the hubby's shirt in my Sewing 101 class the previous Summer 2009 at the local community college and the Hello Kitty dress for my daughter just days before we headed out to our 4th of July events

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    4th of July Apron - Amy Butler Pattern

    The pattern and directions were from Amy Butler's In Stitches: More Than 25 Simple and Stylish Sewing Projects. I got the fabric from Joanns and this is actually a Joann's Exclusive Print.  So rusty in my sewing and a perfectionist at the same time, this took me 3 days to complete.  Once it was done, I was very happy with it.  I wore it out on Independence day as if it was a skirt.  Got lots of looks and smiles.  No I was not only wearing the apron.  I had it over a pair of Levis (so American, right?) and a plain white shirt.  If I were to sew another one, I would make it shorter as it was just a bit too long for me as I am only 5' 4".  If you are taller than that, then the length would be perfect for you.

    Monday, May 31, 2010

    Independence Day 2010 Fabric Shopping

    Oooooh LaLa.... what to make...what to make.....
    Patriotic stash acquired yesterday

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    **Update on My So Called Life**

    It has been approximately 152,640 minutes since I have posted on this blog and about 100 days since I have touched my sewing machine! 

    So what brings me back?

    My husband sent me some material about rekindling my passions, as in creative passions.  As we've heard before... life just simply happens and when we are not careful, we just lose touch of things that matter.  I am happy to say that I have not lost touch with my family and my home and if anything, it has gotten so much better even though I thought things could not get any better.

    Since February 2010, a lot has happened.  In March, my daughter turned 3.  In April, I gave birth to our baby boy.  In mid-May, my classes for a possible degree in Consumer Sciences were finished.  All in between, I have been cooking and making our home as hospitable as it can be.  I have been schooling my daughter with whatever learning materials we can afford and acquire.  Before turning 3, she was able to read and months after, she was finally pottytrained.

    With my school over and the husband currently living out his goals, I though of setting out to do the same.  So in the recent days and today, I have been thinking of goals and what to do.  There are plenty of things to do with two kids but I mean what to do outside of everyday life?

    I came up with ten things and one of them will be sewing and blogging on my sewing.  I really do miss sewing but it has not and cannot be THE TOP priority at this time and was #10 on my list.  The sewing room has gone into some transformation due to the new needs in space for the new baby.  I still have everything but my sewing things just aren't as open or laid out beckoning me to sit down nor is allready for use.  But my hope and goal is that I plug in the machine before the month is over.  I only have 4 days to do that but I shall set it as a goal... or it will be another month before I even think of sewing again.

    What shall I make next?

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    MADE Dana's Market Skirt

    I stumbled upon Dana's Blog and just could not resist this Market Skirt she featured in her tutorials section.  Then of course, life took over and put it in the back burner with everything else I've put back in the "back burner."  Then one day, a member of our sewing group suggest we do this piece together along with another project and she was willing to assist us in making it.  Well oh well, what a perfect excuse to dig up my original intent.  So there we were for three hours and I came up with these, except for the Love shirt - that's from Target =)

    The Boy's Tie Shirt was a tutorial by Saltwater Kids.

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    Free Nursing Cover Pattern

    I used this as a guide to make one for Baby Isaiah early this morning at 2 am.  I finished past 430 am because I was real meticulous as it was my first nursing cover of this kind: instead if the D-rings, I attached a big button and made 3 button holes on the neck strap for mommy to choose from.  What took the most time was the double-sided bias tape binding I attached with hidden seams and then top stitching it on the 3 sides and the bottom.  It was a great color that accented the pattern of the fabric.

    I was so tired from making it that I forgot to take a picture before gifting it.  I will see her again and will take a pic while in use =)

    The moms ooohed and ahhhhed over it and one said that i win "the cutest gift" contest - there wasn't one but that was sweet to say =)

    I see making this for all the upcoming baby showers.... there are 2 currently on my calendar, not including mine.   It is just a matter of finding the time with school work and life.  Will I have to make them at 2 am?

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    Free Sewing Classes start January 27, 2010

    some start at later dates.... 1/28, 2/1, 3/6, 4/10... it goes on and on..... averaging 16 weeks per topic Take a look at all the classes they offer! I have never been to these classes. I have heard that they are crowded in the beginning but as time goes on, people drop out and there is more space and more comfortable learning environment.  

    The price is right and there are many different types of sewing you can choose from. has someone in this group gone through this system? reply below and tell us about it. I say, just get there early for a seat and bird's eye view.I do not know if they have a required textbook for the class. 

    I did the traditional route: Community Colleges @ Mesa College and Palomar as they offer them during the semester. I have gone through them both. Mesa in 2000 and Palomar in 2009. They fill up fast with Fashion major students and only recommended if you are up for a challenge as there is a lot more work required in these college level and college transferable courses than the Continuing Ed classes.  

    The cost of community college courses is $26 per unit x 4; they count the apparel construction class as 3 units for lecture and 1 unit for lab. Consider also the cost of books. Mine was $140 when I took the sewing class at Palomar.

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Mexican-fiesta Pillowcase Dress - using left over fabric

    I had a bit of fabric left over from MIL's apron so i made something for my daughter, our little Mexi-Pina.  This time, I used bias-tape for the arm holes and no serging.  I am relying on the pinking shears and the finished edges of the fabric for it to not fray.  I was in a rush to finish this, doing it at 6 am before the baby woke.  She did wake when I was sealing the neckline and she was just not having it!  But after some tears, the dress was done =)

    Friday, January 1, 2010

    A side-tie apron with no pattern needed!

    only an existing one laid on top of fabric as a pattern will do.  the only difference is that instead of following the outline of the armholes, i went down diagonally to the waistline - around the area where i wanted the ties to be BECAUSE i traced a very stretchy apron to a flannel material (don't do that! like with like material!) that had no stretch and it was necessary to make the change for the finished project to lay better on the body. Initially, before the alteration and tie repositioning on the side, this was not wearable...

    but now as you can see here, it is wearable and here she is: